How It Works

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Call 519-669-0799 to schedule your personal time with Denise.

Tell her what wines you like and she can help you decide what to make.

Stocked wine kits can be started right away or order your wine kit and book a future appointment.
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Like any good recipe, measuring out the ingredients is key to getting a great finished product.

Step 2 shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes. Juices need to ferment and clear for the next 4-8 weeks.

Waiting is the hardest part.
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A bottling date can be set the day you start your wine or Denise will call you to book an appointment to bottle your wine at your convenience.

If you’re particular and want to label and wrap your bottles this may take you 45 minutes, otherwise plan on a 30 minute visit.
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All wines are ready to enjoy immediately, however we always recommend letting the wine age in the bottles for a minimum of six weeks.

Your new wine contains less sulfites than store bought wine and is considerably healthier for you.

Be Sure To Keep Your Cellar Stocked

Be Ready For Any Occasion

If you're like Denise, any time can be a reason to celebrate. Sunny day, an episode of Friends, a potential Publisher's Clearing House winning envelope in the mail...

wine is the perfect companion.


Covid-19 Safety Update

First of all, business as usual.

We understand that the current situation related to COVID-19 is disrupting our lives and raising many questions and concerns. Rest assured that at Elzes Wonderful Wines we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers. Your well-being and ours is of utmost importance.

As we are a small business and rarely have more than one customer in the store at a time, we are not a great risk but will need to update a few practices. We have very high hygiene and sanitation standards in the normal course of our activities, however, in addition, we will be implementing the following measures and practices:

  • • Bottling appointments will be set further apart from each other and never two clients at the same time.
  • • Keeping social distances will be practiced and respected.
  • • We will allow only one customer in the store at a time
  • • Sanitation methods and measures will be available.
  • • All points of contact (counter-tops, corkers, filters, doors, etc.) will be wiped down in between each bottling appointment.

In addition to implementing these preventive measures, we are making every effort to continue to serve you well and meet your needs. We all recognize that these are extraordinary and stressful times for everyone but wish to serve you in the very best way we can.